Outside Rack Storage

Scipio Creek Marina offers more than 30 outdoor racks. Please see pricing details below:

Annual Rate

  • $9.00 per foot

(Must pre-pay for 12 months. No refunds.)

6 Month Rate

  • $11.00 per foot

(Must pre-pay for 6 months. No refunds.)

Month-to-Month Rate

  • $14.00 per foot
  • Outside storage 8’ standard width, anything over add 1 ft. to length pricing.
  • Short term rack use $15 per day.

Scipio Creek Marina reserves the right to accept storage lease agreements and established rates until the vessel arrives and measurements are taken. Rates subject to change. Call (850) 653-8030 for availability.

scipio creek marina parking lot

At Scipio Creek Marina, we are proud to offer friendly, first-rate customer service and some of the most affordable prices in the area. To top it off, our marina is both family-friendly AND pet-friendly! So, bring all of your family members along with you—even the furry ones!